Friday, August 9, 2013

SCBWI-LA 2013! My First Conference Ever!

I'd been dying to go to a conference for years. And it was really difficult for me since--some of you already know--I'm living in Chile. But I finally saved up money and WENT! :) It was really awesome because I could finally meet most of my critique partners there. Also, it was the first time I'd ever been in LA!

I'm posting some pics for those of you who couldn't make it--because when I couldn't go to one of these, I was always looking for pics to live vicariously. :) Hope you enjoy!

With my CP Stacey Lee and Leslie Rose having lunch at the mall. And then with Beth Hull and Evelyn Ehrlich and Nicole Castroman and Tracy Wymer too!

Then again with my CP Stacey Lee and the lovely Krista Marino from Delacorte. And the next pic is with the awesome editor Ari Lewin! :) The last pic is with the amazing Claudia Gabel at KT/HarperCollins.

With my other amazing CP, Holly Cagney at the airport!  

 With the lovely Julie Musil! And the next pic is with Stacey and Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand. And then there's the conference room--when the conference was just about to start and I was so excited! :)

 The first pic there is with Gretchen McNeil--I was so excited to meet her because she was in my very first critique group. :) And then it's Debra Driza and me and Stacey. Debra was my very first CP!! Like a zillion years ago! That's at the Saturday pool party at the hotel.

 I also met some amazing authors, like Matt de la Peña (the first pic--and also my very good friend Leslie Rose is in that pic). Then it's Bruce Degen and me, and finally it's the amazing Veronica Rossi and Leslie and me. Veronica said she'd been to Chile and she loved it! I was so proud, haha! :)