Tuesday, January 17, 2017

YA HARDCOVER Giveaway! THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE by Stacey Lee, and CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber!

UPDATE: The winners are displayed on the Rafflecopter below! Congrats, Michelle, and Graciela! 

Hi, guys! This month is a VERY special month for me. Two of my best friends, Stacey and Stephanie, are releasing their YA books (The Secret of a Heart Note released a couple of weeks ago, and Caraval releases in two weeks). I'm insanely proud of both of them--my friends are so smart and talented. Here's a picture of the three of us! :) (I'm the shortest one, btw!)

Anyway! Stacey's book, THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE is about an aromateur who concocts magic potions with flowers and scents and perfumes. It's an amazing Magical Realism YA, with romance and heartache, and diversity and, omg, it's so original!
And Stephanie's book is a YA fantasy full with omg-I-did-NOT-see-that-one-coming kinda twists, and also with romance, and magic, and an awesome sisterly bond, and mystery. 
YOU WANT TO READ BOTH OF THESE BOOKS. And sure, you might say I'm biased, but even if I didn't know these two amazing ladies, I'd be in love with their books. :)

So! Now the giveaway! I'm giving away a hardcover copy of each of these two books. It's international! (Because, you know, I live in Chile and I'm always like, boohoo, why almost all giveaways aren't int'l??). Bear in mind that if I ship the books outside the US, though, I'll use Book Depository--which can be a little slow with the deliveries.


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Giveaway for CARAVAL:

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I'll choose a winner for each book by the end of the month!