Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If you’ve been considering my editorial services, you’re going to want to read this!

I’d been traveling for the past few weeks, and when I came back home (in Chile) I realized the U.S. dollar exchange rate has changed dramatically. A few months ago 1 dollar = 520 pesos. But now! 1 dollar = around 600 pesos.

So, since I earn in dollars but spend in pesos, it’s great for me. AND for you, too! That’s why, all this week and the next I’m going to give YOU all that benefit. And until Oct 12th 2014, my fees will be:

-First 30 Pages Edit: $95  $79
-Submission Package (query + first 10 pages): $65 $55
-Query Only: $25 $21
-Query + first 30 pages: $115 $97
-Full Manuscript: fees will vary depending on what the writer needs. (But obviously, with this exchange rate, it’s cheaper, too).
-Payments will be accepted via PayPal.

Also, if I happen to receive too many projects, I might have to pass at the opportunity. So hurry!
If you want more information about my editing services and read testimonials, go here.


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  1. Hey Friend! I sent this link to a few peeps who have been asking about editors. xo