Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winner Winner Tofu Dinner!! (Yeah, no chicken, you know I'm a vegetarian ;D)

And The Winner Is…

Number 9!!

Congratulations, Chales Frenzel!!!

I’ll beta read the first 3,000 words of DARK DREAMS.
I’ll email you shortly with the details.

Aaannnnnd!  That’s not all.

I’ve participated in many of these online contests and never won anything. (I think random org. hates me or something. :P)  I know what it feels like not to win :( 
I’ll beta read the first 500 words of EVERY participant, if you email your entry before midnight (EST).  I don’t know how many days I’ll take. But I promise to read it if you send it today.  (And, of course, if you were a participant!)


-Send the first 500 words in the body of the email to: moni (dot) bw (at) gmail (dot) com 
-In the subject line put: “Quick Contest” followed by the name of your MS, right as you wrote it in the comments section of yesterday’s post.

-Send a one-sentence pitch (I'm not going to comment on it--it's just to let me know what the ms is about so I can beta it better). And be sure to include the genre of your MS.

That’s it.  Thanks for participating! :D


  1. I missed it! Oh well, maybe next time. You're generous to do this for those that entered.

  2. Hey Julie! Oh, I'm sorry you missed it! :(

    But if I have time, I will definitely do this again! I <33 helping the writing community :)

  3. Aw - I missed it! :) I would have helped promote it if I knew about it! Ugh! Oh well. Next time! :) Love ya lady!

    And for those who entered - you WANT her to beta. She's got great comments!

  4. You're so awesome to offer crits!

    For the ones who got their submissions in on time, you're in very good hands. :) I know first hand!

  5. Boo...Missed it! But thanks for the contest! Maybe next time!

  6. Hey Shelley! Thanks for your sweet words! <333 ya too!

    Jenny! Hi! Thx for saying that! :D :D :D

    Christina! Of course! Next time! Maybe I'll do another of these contests in a couple of months form now ;)

  7. You are so awesome and generous!
    Sorry to have missed this! :)

  8. Hey Kristin, & you're so sweet... I'll try to do this again! It was fun! :D