Monday, March 7, 2011

Follow Fails and Contests!

Hey friends! Today I'm sharing with you some interesting links about why people don't follow you back on Twitter and don't read your blog.  Also there are some great contests going on out there, and here are the links for them, too.


Follow Fails:

Writing Contests:

3) Sylvia K Burack Writing Award—Essay contest for 11th and 12th graders
4) Also, Authoress (@AuthoressAnon) is throwing a mega contest TODAY because she just reached 2,000 Twitter followers--More details coming up on her blog!
5) Win some AWESOME BOOKS here and here.
6) Win a QUERY CRITIQUE here.
7) Brenda Drake is holding an amazing contest with Agent Natalie Fischer, on her blog. 
8) Don't forget to check for giveaways!
9) Win a copy of LIKE MANDARIN on YA Highway.
10) When I finish my revisions (yes I'm revising. EEK! Wish me luck :P), I'll throw a contest of my own, here, on the blog. So keep your eyes open!
And don't forget to come here next Tuesday at 1:30 p.m EST for the 5MinuteFiction Contest!! :D

And just for fun... meet my 2yo!


  1. Oh, my goodness! Your 2yo is a climber, huh? Bet he keeps you hopping! :)

    Great links. I especially liked both Follow Fail articles -- they make excellent points.

  2. You have a little monkey, lol. Thanks for the great links.

  3. That picture made me giggle. Mine is just like that. :D

  4. Hey Linda! Yes, my 2yo keeps me hopping! & I also thought these articles made great points :D

    Hey Kerri! LOL, yeah, that's my little monkey.

    Pam! *waves hi* You're very welcome!

    Alina, oh I thought the pics of your kids on your blog were so lovely! I can imagine your kid doing stuff like that, too! :P

  5. You are awesome, Monica. Thanks for all the cool links. :)

  6. The photo of your two year old made my day. I remember those moments :D One day my twins decided to clear two shelves of their closet and make mini bunk beds. Kids...they're priceless!

    Those links made such great points. Thanks!

  7. OMG he's ADORABLE!! And your links are great too.

  8. Thanks for the great links. I forgot about some of those contests. :P

    My kids did the same thing at that age while trying to reach the cookies.

  9. Thanks for these great links!

    (And your 2-year-old is adorable! My sister and I used to do the same thing when we were that age. He looks so tiny compared to that!)

  10. Thanks for the links! So you have a climber too, lol! My two-year-old climbs on everything. I have to literally follow her around the house to keep her out of trouble;)

  11. So much awesomeness I don't know where to start clicking! Thanks!

  12. Kasie! YOU are awesome! :D

    Julie, mini bunk beds? Awww--I can almost picture your kids trying to sleep there!

    Tracey! You're very welcome. So, lol, you did the same thing? I can't remember when I was that age!

    Melissa! We should make a 2yo climber's club or something! LOL

  13. That picture kills me!

    I love that post by Anne R. Allen. It's pretty much the Ten Commandments of what not to do as a blogger, because she's so right on every count.

  14. Thanks for the links!

    Your 2yo is so cute! No wonder you were able to make that amazing climb for the agent call...he must take after you:)

  15. OMG I have a 2-yr old also and I'm constantly pulling her off things too! Thanks for the links and if you want a little blogger-bling, I left you an award on my site:
    Don't feel like you have to do anything with it, but just wanted to share the love because I think you're blog is awesome!

  16. Jenny! Oh don't die--lol, I mean after looking at that picture. And yes! I think Anne's post was awesome, too.

    Carrie! LMAO--now I'd feel guilty to tell my 2yo not to climb things. I mean, the example I gave him as I took the climb for the agent call? I really hadn't seen it that way! HAH!

    Cambria! Thanks SO much! you're really so sweet. I just stopped by your blog and commented :D I think your blog is awesome too!

  17. Love the photo! :) Such a cutie.

  18. Wow, you have a lot going on here :)

    Awesome pic.

  19. I was so excited by all the links, I almost forgot to comment. Thank you for the treasure hunt.

  20. Great Info, thanks! Your son is so cute!

    New follower...

  21. A belated thank you for the link to my "10 Reasons I'm not reading your blog" post! You've got a great blog here.

    Thanks a bunch for the nice comment, Jennifer!

  22. Kristin and Jolene, THANKS! :D

    Leslie, good luck on the treasure hunt!! Let me know how you do! :D

    Hey Demitria, thanks! I'll check your blog soon! :D

    Anne! Thanks so much. And let me just say that your post was REALLY awesome!! I know a LOT of people who were commenting about it on Twitter a while ago :)