Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Details about the Agent Pitch Contest with Kristin Miller (D4EO Literary)

So guys, I’m thrilled to announce that next week, on July 12th, I’ll be hosting an agent-judged contest with Kristin Miller of the D4EO Literary Agency.

If you want to know more about Kristin, here is the link to her blog. And here’s an interview on YA Highway. You can also find her on Twitter!

Now, about the contest…


1) Your pitch must ONLY be 140 characters long. You can check the word-count on Twitter, or if you don’t have an account, go to Word or go here.
2) The pitch can only be for finished YA and MG novels. No other genre, sorry.
3) This is for unagented writers only.
4) Since I’m doing this to help, you don’t need to be a follower, but I’d love it if you are. And I’d love it you follow me on Twitter too. ;)
5) Please, spread the word. I’m not going to haunt you if you don’t, but it’d make me REALLY happy if lots of people came to participate.

DON’T put your pitches on the comment section of this post. On July 12th I’ll have an official post in where you’ll be able to pitch Kristin. But so you can prepare, I’ll let you know what you'll need to include in the comments (NEXT WEEK). 

-Title of book
-Word-count of your manuscript
-The Twitter (140 characters) pitch
-Your email

If you’re a bit lost: I’m pasting a few links so you can read more about writing short pitches.


  1. Time to get busy making the most out of 140 characters. Thanks Monica.

  2. Wow! This is a great opportunity for someone. I'll pass it on.

  3. AWESOME! I'm in and will help spread the word! THANKS! christy

  4. Exciting! I'm not sure I'm ready for this but I'll definitely put together a few twitter length pitches for myself, just for practice :)

  5. Wow! Definitely spreading this one. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  6. Monica, you are SO AWESOME for doing this stuff. I'm spreading the word!

  7. Fun contest, Moni! Such a great idea, having Twitter-length pitches.

  8. I'll RT. Great exercise even if you don't win, this kind of thing.

  9. Sounds awesome, Kristin is fantastic! I'll be spreading the word.

  10. Ooh, 140 characters is tough, but I'll give it my best. Sounds like an awesome challenge. I'll spread the word. :D

  11. I'm so excited. My 140 are ready to roll! I'm off to tweet this post. Thanks for hosting this cool contest.

  12. Hi Monica. This is for finished manuscripts only,


  13. Awesome, Monica!! I'm in! :) And I'm tweeting this right now!

  14. Maybe this is a silly question; if I'm still making edits on my MS would it be inappropriate to enter? If the contest is just whether your pitch is good, it may not matter. I don't want to take away a bigger opporunity from someone else if it should only be open to read-to-submit works. Thanks!

  15. ^that should be ready-to-submit works... sorry!

  16. Patti, Christy, Cheryl, Leslie, Callie, and Pk! I wish you luck in the contest! And thx for stopping by :D

    Jeannie, Christy, Lisa, Ava, Julie, Kristen, Heather, Cheryl, Leslie, and Pk: THANKS for helping me spread the word! You rock!

    Stephsco, good luck with the practice! :D I hope you can participate next time ;)

    Theresa, Jenny and Kaylee, thanks for stopping by! :D and I'm glad you liked the idea!

    JJ, yes, this is only for finished mss. ;)
    I'll update that.

  17. Stephsco, oh sorry I hadn't refreshed and didn't see your question. And it's not silly, at all! :)
    But yeah, this contest is only for ready mss.

    But don't worry, I'll be having similar contests in the future. :D

  18. What a great idea. Thanks for doing this. I better get my pitch ready.

  19. Sounds great, will let all my writing friends know!

  20. Hey Alice! I'm glad I'll see you there! <3

    Stephsco: No problem! ;)

    K. Turley: THANKS so much for spreading the word!

  21. Awesome contest opportunity! Thanks, Monica!