Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alt M-6

NAME: Rebecca Yarros
MENTOR: Molly Lee
TITLE: Aeolian
GENRE: YA Paranormal

PITCH: To defeat power-siphoning drainers secretly preying on our world, 17 year-old Dayenara must accept her ability to channel energy, but to save her hidden society, who will she be willing to sacrifice… or even kill?  

FIRST 250:
Guilt and exhilaration warred for control of my heartbeat.  Sneaking out for a kegger was way outside Mom and Dad’s rules, but I took the chance and broke out of their comfort zone.  I lied; I wasn’t curled up at Emma’s house watching movies.  God, I hoped they didn’t find out, or I would say goodbye to swim team, and reunite with perpetual spelling bees.   

Music pulsed, echoing off the tiled aquatic center walls as if it kept rhythm with the dancing lights under the surface of the pool.  The legendary party was expressly forbidden by our school, but that didn’t stop the combined swim team from sneaking in the night we won Colorado’s State Championship to make a few new legends of our own.  Besides, given the ease with which we broke in, something told me the school turned a blind eye.  A few dozen of my teammates and their dates flooded the pool in a mix of water volleyball and badly-disguised make-out sessions while two girls next to me drove me insane with their senseless, insipid conversation.  Who invited these cheerleaders, anyway?  Their high-pitched boy drama consumed nearly the entire party, and now they wanted my take on what I considered to be their total lack of self-respect. 

“I don’t care how hot he is, no guy is worth throwing yourself off a cliff,” I answered.  Apparently my thought-to-mouth filter wasn’t working. 

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