Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Frosh #2 Cover Reveal and Netgalley News!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to tell you that Frosh: Second Chances's cover is HERE! And you can pre-order it now. :)

And the ARC is available on Netgalley too! (Okay, honestly? I have to admit that last part makes me nervous, because it means people are starting to read it. And I just saw that even if it was uploaded there yesterday, it's already getting requests. Meep! Hope you guys like it as much as I loved writing it.)

Anyway, here are the links!

And the copy:

In FROSH: First Blush, Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie spent their welcome week falling head over heels for each other--before totally falling apart. Now, in FROSH: Second Chances, they'll have to pick up the pieces.

After ruining Grant's football career (and her own reputation), Ellie has been trying to lie low--which means not making more enemies. But some students still want her to pay for what she did, and now, Ellie's determined to fight back--and fight for Grant.

Grant is adjusting to his new reality: no more football means no more free passes in class, and definitely no more distractions; especially from Ellie, whom he misses even after she destroyed his world. Can he find a way to move on without her--and without football?

Devon finally has it all: her brother's sober and her boyfriend is an adorkable genius. But when her parents threaten to tear her and Charlie apart because he doesn't 'fit' into their high society, she will go to dangerous lengths to prove that nothing--nothing--can defeat Devon Connors.

Charlie's never questioned who he is: pre-med science geek, and now, Devon Connors' boyfriend. But when he discovers a secret about his past, Charlie isn't sure of anything--especially whether he can trust Devon with the truth.


P.S.: I'm doing Pitch Wars again this year! Yay! I'll be mentoring YA. More news soon. *hugs*