Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Giveaway #1

Last week, my friend Leah Petersen said she had some brand new YA books that she wanted to give away.  And she thought of LOVE YA!!! She knew that it’s difficult for me to do giveaways since I live in Chile, so she said, take them for your blog and your YA followers!
Isn’t she sweet? 

Okay, so the first giveaway is: 

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer!!

 To participate, you just have to do two things:

         1) Spread the word (it doesn’t matter if it’s via Twitter, Facebook, or by putting a link on your blogwhatever you think is better.)

     2) Leave a comment below with your email and tell us why you like to read YA books.

That’s it.  You don’t need to be a followerbut of course, I’d love it if you are. ;)

I’ll choose a random winner by Thursday.  And the next giveaway will be on Friday! (U.S only.)

And don't forget that the bidding on Help Write Now restarted today after the Blogger incident.  If you want to bid on my partial critique go here.


  1. I love to enter book giveaways! :) You know my email address and I'll tweet about it.

  2. How sweet of Leah! I love YA because it is fearless and is like a fantastic new frontier that's exploring all kinds of possibilities. It ain't what it used to be! ;)

  3. Ummmm I read YA because it's the BEST!!!!!

  4. Not entering -- save the books for your YA readers and writers. I just wanted to say how sweet it is of you and Leah to do this. :)

  5. I love YA Giveaways! I think I love YA the most because it offers hope in the message, and I think that is an important message to give to the world. This is very kind of you to do this! Thank you!

    My email:!/ealexandraki/statuses/70205719739252737

  6. Great giveaway! Like Linda, I'll refrain from entering, but I think it's super cool of you guys to do this!

  7. I'll leave this awesome book for someone else because I seem to have won several this past week or two. I don't want to be too greedy!! :D But how cool that you're doing this!

  8. I love love love Nightshade and would love to win my very own copy. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Tweeted it here:!/aliciacald/status/70331919530852353


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  10. YA books are so honest; painfully honest. They bring me back to a time when life was so much harder, but so full of promise!
    Thank you so much for hosting the contest, Monica!
    I spread the word on Facebook!

  11. Blogger really was (and still is) a pain in the butt.

    I can't enter because I'm international, but good luck to those who do. I've heard good things about the book.

  12. Can't enter either as I'm international as well, but the book looks great.

  13. I left you a little something on my blog :D


  14. Oh how fun! I love reading YA because I love to remember those days. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Retweeting now!

  15. ahh... why I love to read YA is the same reason I love to write it. It's fast-moving, plot-oriented and deals with such an emotionally turbulent time. All good stuff.

    Yay! Good for you, giveaway queen~ :D <3

  16. I love to read and write Ya to reward my teen self who was too nutty back then to appreciate the experience as it was happening. Loved the bloody lilies on the cover. Off to tweet.

    Leslie Rose

  17. Leah is so sweet!

    I don't know why I love YA so much, I just do. I skipped reading it when I was in high school and went straight to adult books. Now that I'm in college, I'm going back to YA. I just love reading it.


    ashelynnsanford at hotmail dot com.

  18. I just recently found your site and it's great! I love YA because it is so pure, so raw with emotion. I will post about why I love YA on my blog and link to you. My email is Thanks!

  19. Awesome giveaway, Monica! I tweeted about the contest. ;) And I already follow your blog. (Love it!) My email address is

    Why I love to read YA books... Where do I even start?

    YA books are fresh and real. They are adventuresome and romantic. They make even the most impossible things possible. They explore the full pendulum of emotion without holding back. My love of YA has led to me writing it. Now that I am a writer, I have found that my love of YA has grown (if such a thing is even possible).

    Thanks again for the giveaway. :) Also, a special thanks to Leah Petersen for donating the books.

  20. I love reading and writing YA because it's so emotionally charged. Everything is in the moment and teens are so vulnerable and uncalloused.

  21. Thank y'all for participating! The contest is now closed ;)

  22. This looks like it's going well! I'm excited.

  23. I LOVE YA, always have, always will, I love meeting different characters.

    I tweeted it:!/jenreadsfiction

    jenn valencia

    my blog:

  24. Thanks for stopping by, Jenn &amp mary.
    But the contest is now closed, as I said above in the comments.
    I'm sorry.
    Still, there will be more contests in the future! :D