Saturday, May 14, 2011

Critique Donations (Help Write Now and TLC Auctions)

I'm donating two partial critiques this month. 

The first one, for Help Write Now, is already up, and you can start bidding here!  This will benefit the southern storm relief. (Update: you can start bidding on Monday due to the "blogger incident.")

The second critique I’m donating this month is for TLC Auctions, but it isn’t up yet.  I’ll tweet when it is.  If you want to their website, go here.

Thank you guys for reading this!
Oh and just so you know, next week I’ll start giving away some YA books.



  1. That's so kind of you to donate your time and skills. Looking forward to when the auction resumes on Monday.

  2. Jenny: <3 for you!

    Right, Clutzattack!!! I'll need to update that you can start bidding on Monday! :D In fact, I thought blogger ate this post. I'm amazed it came back. ;)

  3. You're so awesome for doing this :D

  4. yay! Southern storm relief. That is such a great way to help. I love that, and I love YA book giveaways! woo hoo~ :D

  5. You rock! This is beyond awesome!

  6. Yay,for you. Your are a generous spirit.

  7. This is such a fabulous cause and I'm impressed to see all those participating and find it so encouraging for others to want to join in and support.

  8. Julie, LTM, Heather, Leslie, Jolene, and Jen: I think that what people are doing at Help Write Now is so awesome. I wish they can collect a lot of money to help! :D
    Thx for stopping by <333