Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Undo Send in Gmail & AGENT-Judged Contest Announcement!!!

A few weeks ago, I posted some of my embarrassing writing bloopers. And if I would have known how to undo send in my Gmail, I could have avoided at least one of them. (!)

I bet some of you already know how to undo send in Gmail, but if you don't, watch this video. It'll tell you how to activate the "unsend" feature.

Now, let's avoid some bloopers, shall we?


On July 12th I'll be hosting an agent-judged contest here. (YA and MG finished mss.)

Polish your 140-character pitches!!
I'll post the details next week, so stay tuned. ;)



  1. I could have used this video a while ago! I have no doubt it will still come in handy. :) Thank you so much! And yay, another contest! Can't wait!

  2. Cool! I had no idea this existed :)

  3. This is AWESOME! I cannot tell you how many emails I've written bleary-eyed too early in the morning, or too late at night and had that "wait, what did I just say?" feeling hit my in the gut.
    VERY happy :D

  4. I always cringe when I realize I've sent something stupid in an e-mail. lol I'm glad I'm not alone! :D

  5. I can't believe you can undo send in Gmail! And I'm telling a buddy about your agent contest. Thanks, Monica.

  6. Yay, I can't wait for the contest. And the Undo Send - there are no words for my joy.

  7. The Gmail "unsend" feature has saved my life more than a few times!! Your contest is going to be AWESOME!!!

  8. If only it were so easy to undo life's other little mistakes. ;) Looking forward to the contest!

  9. You are officially my hero, Moni! :D And why do all these awesome agent contests keep happening when my MS is nowhere near ready? Sigh. I'm excited to see the entries, though :)

  10. Going to polish now. Sounds like a great contest.

  11. Wow, I never noticed that feature before. How long after sending it does it work I wonder.

  12. I over analyze EVERYTHING, so any email I write (agents, publishers, etc. - not so much personal) has been written and edited a million times before I go to click send. But yeah, sometimes I forget the attachment, so I'll try to remember this feature!

  13. Hey Heather! I'm glad you thought it could come handy in the future. :D

    Carrie: YAY! I'm glad it was me who told you it existed, lol!

    Jolene: me TOO!!!!

    Chantele: definitely, you're not alone! ;)

    Julie, THANKS for spreading the word <3

    Leslie, Sharon and Patti! YAY I'm glad I'll see you on July 12th! :D

    Elizabeth! YES! It has saved me a lot of times too!!

    Caitlin: LOL, my CP tells me the same thing! :P

    Donna: You can program undo send up to 30 seconds... I think? I have set mine in 5 ;)

  14. Hey Erica! YEAH! That happens to me all the time, too! I forget to attach, lol. *headdesk*

  15. Hilarious. I wish I knew how to undo send in all my email systems...maybe I should stop having cocktails before firing off notes to people (a la Bridget Jones!)
    Can't wait for the contest. Although I may have to pass this time, because of that one thing...:)

  16. Another agent contest -- you rock.

    re: gmail... if only Ctrl+Z and other such undos worked outside the digital realm :)

  17. Awesome contest Monica! I wish I was at the point I could submit:( Oh well, at least I can take advantage of this unsending on google. How handy is that!

  18. I need the undo send feature. Had I known about it before, I might have been able to stop "Subject: Query: CREEEP" from going out.

    Yep, that's right. Creep with THREE E's.

  19. Been a Twitter follower for awhile now (@kristikay13), but had NO IDEA you had a blog too! (New follower here!)

  20. Christa! Oh no, don't pass again! You never know what could happen ;)

    Bane: Right. If only!

    Hey Deana! Oh I wish you could participate too... maybe the next time? ;)

    Jenny!!! LOL, that was hilarious!

    Kristi! YES! I remember you from Twitter! :D Thx for stopping by! :D