Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kiss / Kiss Off Contest -- WINNER!!!

We just heard from our special judge, Lizzie Friend. Without further ado... 
(In Lizzie's words!)

Alright guys, I'm ready to make my decision!
This was incredibly tough. Each of the entries had its
strengths and weaknesses, and I debated back and forth so much it's a
little embarrassing. There may have been pros/cons lists involved, and
I changed my mind at least 3 times. In the end, I went with the entry
that worked best as a standalone scene, the one that I felt best
fulfilled the kiss/kiss-off requirements, and the one that left me
wanting to know more about the characters and find out what was going
to happen next.

First, the top two finalists...

Kiss-off 1:
I was intrigued by the world KO 1 created, and I can see how this
scene could be part of a really great MS. There were some great lines
in here, and I really like the dynamic the writer set up between
Brielle and Prator. Simply put, the scene was fun and I enjoyed
reading it. A strong, female MC who's also some sort of prize-fighting
gladiator has a place on my bookshelf anytime. I also felt, though,

that the strength of the scene wasn't really in the kiss-off (it was
missing that extra twist of the knife I wanted), and there were a few
more technical errors than I'd like to see in a winning entry.

Kissy 1:
For this scene, the strengths/weaknesses of KO1 were basically
reversed: While I thought it was great as a standalone scene, I'm not
entirely confident the dual perspectives can hold up over an entire
MS. That said, I felt like this perfectly embodied the criteria
(KISSY!) and provided just enough extra story to make me want to know
more. It also did a great job invoking that feeling of all-consuming
first lust, and I liked the final twist. I'm guessing this might be
controversial, but I also liked the last line in Auri's section. It
had a really nice rhythm to it, and it stuck with me.

So! My pick is....


(Awkward screeching as she stops to adjust the microphone)

Kissy 1! *Cue the confetti*
On a last note, honorable mention to Kiss-off 2 and Kissy 2.

Kiss-off 2: I thought the author did a great job building tension, and I could feel myself really wanting Dec to breathe.

Kissy 2: There was a little too much lojacking (my hand did this, her hand did that) for me, and the non-kissy details were a bit confusing without the rest of the MS to back them up, but I could definitely feel the passion.

Like I said, you guys made this really hard. Thanks for letting me help out!
Kissy #1: Bria will contact you with instructions on how to go about contacting Lauren!


  1. I really liked Kiss-Off 1 a lot and wanted to keep reading. Kissy 1 was my favorite of the two Kissy scenes.

    That being said, it was also a really tough decision for me to choose. Such good writing, guys. :D

    1. Right! :D It must have been difficult for Lizzie to choose!

  2. Congrats to all the finalists! Thanks for the great reads.

    Now that it's over, I must know 1)if Declan dies, and 2)why Luc was catatonic.


  3. Hahaha, you are so cute! Congrats to the finalists--what blogging fun:-)

  4. Lizzie,

    So, for answer #1.........should I tell? Okay, I will. But if, hope against hope,this MS ever gets published this comment would have to be deleted......No. He doesn't. The medical people that come in at the end save him.....for now. Dun dun DUNNNNNNN

    And I also NEED the answer about why Luc was catatonic!

  5. Oh YAY! I'm glad he doesn't!! YAY!! And what an awesome idea to reveal the secrets!! lol.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  6. Christina, your secret's safe with me *when* this gets published :)And for the record, I'm very glad he lives, crunchy bones and all! Loved your scene--good luck!

  7. yay to kissy #1!!! that's who i gave my vote to!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! I was on a sixteen hour road trip yesterday from Southeast GA to upper PA. I drove straight through, got in at seven am, and went right to bed. I JUST checked this and realized I won. Thank you SO SO SO much to Lizzie and Bria, Valerie, Monica and everyone who voted. I'm so excited and happy.

    And, though normally I would never reveal my secrets, in this case I shall make an exception. :)

    Luc wasn't actually catatonic. He had (somewhat thoughtlessly) picked up something of Auri's off the ground. Luc is actually from another world, so he has the ability to get drug into other people's memories if he touches something that belongs to them. So, he touched Auri's necklace that had fallen to the ground, got sucked into her memories, and was seemingly "catatonic" while he watched some traumatic things that had happened in Auri's past. (It was only like ten seconds, cause no matter how long the memories are, your brain processes them in like ten seconds)

    That's why, in the scene, she says he's looking at her like he can see the deepest, darkest part of who she is. Cause in her memories he saw parts of her she's never shown anyone. So, that's it. :)

    Anyway, I can't wait to hear from Bria. I'll be checking my email constantly. :) Thank you again SO much!!!

    1. CONGRATS, Tamara!! I was actually wondering who won. LOL. I mean, I knew Luc won, but not the name of the author! :D Love the premise of your story and I'm happy to "meet" you! :D

    2. Congrats Tamara! And thanks for the reveal!

      Monica's right--it's so awesome to put a face/name with the scene!

  9. P.S. I'm SO relieved Declan lives!! :)

  10. Well now I want to read all of Luc and Auri's story!!

  11. This contest was a blast. Long live kissing contests.

  12. Christina and Monica,

    Hopefully it gets me an agent and sees a shelf someday. I would LOVE people to read it. haha. :)

  13. Bummer I missed all the fun! Congrats to the winner!

  14. I was just wondering if you could let me know about when I could expect to hear from Bria? Thanks!