Monday, May 20, 2013

Team Mónica # 6 GARDEN OF THORNS

YA Fantasy


Kidnapped from a life of royalty as a child, seventeen-year-old Rose knows how fragile life as a dancing Flower can be. Forced into the Garden, a burlesque troupe of slave girls, she has learned to see dangers everywhere when a wrong word could mean losing your tongue—or worse.

When the Garden is invited to perform for the king and her slave master kills a fellow dancer as a show of power, Rose decides she must escape. Her plan is simple: grab a hostage and run like hell. What she didn't count on was her hostage revealing himself as the leader of the rebellion, and she definitely never dreamed she’d end up joining the uprising. But with the kingdom stamping out the rebels and her former slave master threatening to murder a dancer a day until she returns, Rose quickly realizes that nowhere is safe-- especially since she’s the unwilling heir to the neighboring throne.
Caught between staying with her newfound family in the rebellion or rescuing her sisters from the Garden, Rose must decide whether taking back her birthright is a crown of petals or a crown of thorns. Only then will she be able to rescue the other Flowers she abandoned, unite the war-torn kingdom and maybe even save herself.

            My shackles are lined with needle-thin spikes that bite into my wrists and ankles. Blood has crusted in between my fingers and toes but my chapped skin stopped throbbing sometime last night. I learned that the less I move, the less they dig. Stillness comes with its own set of pains, though. Stiffness has crept up my back, growing up my bones like branches.
My carriage, cage really, jolts to a stop and I fly off the splintered bench, landing hard on my hands and knees in the straw lining the floor. Inching up until I'm sitting, I look up at the wooden roof. A crack of light spills into the cart, its weak rays like gentle fingers on my face. It gives the illusion of hope. I turn away from the sun before that seed takes root in my chest and grows.
            Sounds rise up from the crack in my wooden cage: men shouting orders, wood banging against wood as the cart doors are thrown back, and the shrill sound of giggling. A second later, something heavy hits my door. I crawl toward the crack on the left side of my cart and peer out.
            Our line of caravans always attracts gawkers during our parade through town. Women grab tighter to their husband’s hands, men pretend not to stare, and children weave in between each cart and horse. Today, five little boys, all knobby knees and boney arms, have followed us and circled around my cart, throwing rocks.


  1. I love how you make beauty sound cruel. This sounds like a magnificent read! Good luck!

  2. Yes!!!!! Love this story - query + 250 are superb. Can't wait to read this in the near future when you get snatched up! Good luck!

  3. love Love LOVE! So much tension! The last paragraph of your query is AMAZING! I can't wait to see all the requests pour in :)

  4. Can I just say I really love the title of this book and I feel like its perfect for the amazing story you plan to tell/are telling. When can I see this in shelves?

  5. Adore this concept!! And her shackles, with the needles...omg!! Want this!!

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  7. I'm a huge fantasy fan. I'd love to see this!

  8. This one has my vote.


  9. You've been ninja'd! I would love to see a pitch, one-page synopsis, and the first fifty pages. Please send it as a word attachment to...(contact Monica/Brenda for further details!). Looking forward to reading your work :)