Monday, February 18, 2013

Contest with Agent Carrie Pestritto of the Prospect Agency!

The contest is now CLOSED. Thanks for participating!! 

The Agent-Judged Contest starts NOW!


1) This contest is ONLY OPEN for GIRLY YA manuscripts. (Only FINISHED manuscripts.) For more information, click HERE.

2) This is for unagented writers only.

3) You should post your query pitch (not the whole query) on the comment section of this post. The entry should read like this:
-Your Name
-Title of your book
-Word-count of your manuscript
-Your email
-The pitch (just the meat of the query)

4) Please, spread the word. I’m not going to haunt you if you don’t, but it’d make me REALLY happy if lots of people came to participate.

5) Since I’m doing this to help, you don’t need to be a blog follower, but I’d love it if you are. And I’d love it you'd follow me on Twitter too. ;)

6) The contest will open at 8 AM EST on 2/18/13, and will be open for 24 hours. 



  1. Thanks so much for hosting this contest, Monica!

    -Karen Y. Bynum
    -Running From Shadows
    -YA Paranormal romance
    -78,000 words

    - Asheville, North Carolina native Greta Shore's shadow has been stolen. Her magick is missing, and her traitorous mother has arranged for Greta to marry her ex-crush turned stalker. Throw in a side of fate and it's a McMisery meal for the seventeen-year-old unicorn shifter. This crap shouldn't happen in the twenty-first century. All she wants is to control something in her life—make one decision that’s her own. Trying to take charge, she runs into more trouble, in the form of a shadow demon desperate for her soul. Seconds from destruction, she's scooped into the arms of a mysterious boy, whose touch fills her mind with phantom memories of forgotten love. But her rescuer isn’t her salvation: he’s the source of all shadow demons. And the only way to stop them is for Greta to make a choice. Kill their creator… The boy she loves.

  2. Name: Kristin Lenz
    Title: On the Fringe
    Genre: Contemporary
    Word Count: 74,000
    Email: kristinbartleylenz AT gmail DOT com

    Pitch: On the Fringe is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl fighting to find her way in a world that seems determined to hold her back.

    When her mother is arrested, Dani is whisked away to a group home and her little brother is sent to foster care. Consumed with worry about her mother and brother, switching schools senior year, and adjusting to the restricted group home life, Dani thinks she's lost her chance at dating cute, surfer boy Cam. But Dani's captivity only intrigues Cam more. Meanwhile, Todd, with his photographer’s eye at Dani’s new school, has been watching her from a distance. He’s determined to get closer, and Cam, who’s becoming increasingly dangerous, wants him to stay away. Told in the alternating viewpoints of these three teens, their paths collide on the night that Dani breaks the biggest group home rule.

    * Thanks, Carrie and Monica! And yes, Carrie, I read your post about Girly YA stories like The Selection. I won a previous pitch contest here with Carrie for a different YA manuscript. It ended up not being the right fit, but now I've written this new one. *fingers crossed*
    Monica - I'm not on Twitter yet, so can't follow you there, but I enjoy your blog!

  3. awesome contest! thank you guys for the opportunity :)

    -Beth Ellyn Finkelstein
    -The Intern Diaries
    -YA Contemporary
    -51,000 words

    Sixteen-year-old Lacey Robbins wishes YouTube fame didn’t last as long as the eyeliners she applies in her videos.

    Now that Lacey’s sister Cynth is home after graduating college, filming makeup tutorials for her half million subscribers seems like it would only rub salt in her sister's jobless wounds. But when Sweet Sixteen Magazine names Lacey their newest Beauty Glambassador, not even hiding out in her parents’ furniture store can help her escape this new level of success. With nowhere else to run, she seeks solace shadowing Cynth at her new internship with late night talk show extraordinaire, The Good Evening Show with Blake O’Keefe. Lacey thinks the interns have the right idea: they’re part of something bigger than themselves and don’t mind one bit that they’re nobodies. Most of them either avoid runs like the plague or try too hard to impress, but Devon Landon seems to have just the right amount of confidence. Only one small problem: he’s terrified of New York City. Lacey has a plan to help him get over his fear, and it works. When Devon films runs for a YouTube channel called The Intern Diaries he learns to navigate the city through the lens, while Lacey stays where she’s happiest: behind the scenes. Anonymity is so underrated. Life at Blake is perfect—until everyone learns Lacey’s famous.

  4. Name: Tara Gallina
    Genre: YA Peter Pan modern day re-imagining
    Word Count: 94,000
    Email: taragallina(at)comcast(dot)net

    Ever since her parents' nasty divorce, seventeen-year-old Wendolyn Lace Darling has gone from head of the yearbook committee to head of the household. Her mother is in an emotional decline, and her brother, John, keeps disappearing for days to his new obsession—Club Neverland.

    Lace blames her father for their problems, including their recent visit from Child Services. If John isn't home when they return next week, Lace's life is over. Her Dad will get full custody and they'll be shipped to England, leaving behind everyone they know and love.

    Refusing to let that happen, Lace visits Club Neverland, where she is teleported to an island of endless partying. The leader of the fun, an arrogant hot boy named Peter, takes Lace by surprise. Despite her determination to find John, Peter draws her in with his rugged beauty and sexy smile. And his touch . . . it's the doorway to a peace she's never known.

    As Lace fights her attraction to Peter and works to discover the mystery behind Club Neverland, her reality begins to crumble. And when shocking family secrets emerge, Lace is left with a choice: face these new truths and the ramifications they bring, or lose herself in Club Neverland and forget the life she's been fighting to keep.

    ~Great contest!

  5. Katie Teller
    Deceptive Cadence
    YA Contemporary
    katiejteller (@) gmail dot com

    Cadence awakes in hospital to find her husband and daughter dead, killed in an earthquake. So when her guardian angel appears and offers her a chance to go back in time with all the knowledge she has, she accepts, desperate to prevent their deaths.
    She shoots back eleven years to her fourteen-year-old self, and is determined to do everything better, including preventing the loss of her best friend and not dating any of her original, drama-inducing boyfriends.
    But James Gordon crosses her path. He threatens to disrupt everything that is to come as she begins to develop unwanted feelings for him, and distract her from her original goal: to save her future family.

  6. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Name: Jenny Moyer
    Genre: YA
    Word Count: 73,000
    Email: jenny(at)jennymoyer(dot)com


    Brier has a secret: She can speak her dreams into existence. After a frightening childhood event, she’s learned to keep her talent hidden, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prevent her dreams from taking shape. But that all changes when Keller Temms comes to town. Enigmatic and brooding, he’s a foster child with a guarded past, yet he draws her like nothing else.

    Suddenly, Brier's closely controlled life is thrown off balance as her dreams take on a life of their own—even showing up at Grayson High without warning. When agents from a secret dream lab come after her, Brier must push the boundaries of her dreamspeaking abilities in ways she never imagined possible to save herself and the people she loves.
    But when hunters infiltrate her dreams, Keller comes to her aid with skills of his own, and Brier must decide if he’s an ally or the reason she’s a target in the first place.

  7. Name: Crystal Collier
    Title: DARK MOON
    Genre: YA Historical Fantasy
    Word Count: 93,000
    Email: crystal(at)immortalthemusical(dot)com


    Jane Eyre meets Supernatural.

    Alexia's nightmares become reality: a dead baron, red-eyed wraiths, and forbidden love with a man hunted by these creatures. After an attack close to home, Alexia realizes she cannot keep one foot in her old life and one in this new world. To protect her family she must either be sold into a loveless marriage, or escape with her beloved and risk becoming one of the Soulless.

  8. Fida Islaih
    Never Ending Change
    YA Contemporary 

    Yasmeen and Sufiah both recently started wearing the headscarf. Along with covering up comes problems mostly from a boy named Mark. Maybe he has a crush on one of them. Even if he does, he has a weird way of saying it and on top of that, isn't even allowed to have a relationship with them. Some good comes out of this, the two girls meet a faithful Christian girl named Jenna and she has a load of questions for her interest in their religion, Islam. The trio faces many problems, yet that doesn't stop them from being who they are and want to be.  

  9. Laurie Litwin
    Summer Lake
    YA Historical Fiction for Girls


    Every man in seventeen-year old Cass Walker’s life has broken her heart. So when the loser her high-as-a-kite mom drags home assaults her, she escapes by immersing herself in rock n roll, the only thing that makes her feel whole.

    Things look up when her grandmother invites her to spend the summer of 1973 at the lake. The day she arrives, she finds a picture of her absentee dad in the back of an empty drawer, which catapults her on a quest to find him. He's the only one who knows what sent her mom on a downward spiral of depression and drugs.

    When she meets Brent, a clean cut rich kid who is so not her type and way out of her league, he offers to help her in her search. Together they find her dad, only she is left heartbroken and rejected once again when he refuses to talk to her. Her spirit is shattered, and as a result, she pushes away the only man in her life that hasn't treated her like crap - Brent.

    By the end of the summer, she's forced to decide whether or not to put her heart on the line for a guy who truly loves her. And to let herself be loved in return. If she doesn't, she risks being alone forever.

  10. Name: Rachel Solomon
    Title: TWITCH
    Genre: YA contemporary
    Word count: 65,000
    Email: rachel.l.solomon(at)gmail(dot)com

    When sixteen-year-old Elliott punched the mayor’s son, she wasn’t “twitching” — her word for the jerks, grunts, and other fun little compulsions that are part of her Tourette’s syndrome. She wasn’t trying to spark a political scandal, either. She just wanted the guy to quit teasing her.

    But in Elliott’s Pacific Northwest beach town during the image-obsessed mayor’s reelection, everything is political. Her parents, big-time donors to the campaign, drag her to rallies to suck up to the mayor’s family. Her only escape is spending nights on the beach with cute gamer Drew, who doesn’t think Tourette’s makes her a freak.

    Elliott’s perfectly fine leading the Apathetic party — until vandals strike the homes of the mayor’s opposition. Add the mayor’s plan to revamp Elliott and Drew’s favorite historical site as an outlet mall, and Elliott’s fully on board with a rival candidate who wants to preserve the town’s history. Risking her family’s trust is tricky enough. Getting others to take her protest seriously, twitches and all? That’s a race she can’t stand to lose.

  11. After reading on your blog that you are interested in Girly manuscripts and reading on the Prospect Agency website that you are interested in Shakespeare retellings, I hope that you would enjoy reading my manuscript TOUCH OF DESTINY, a modern retelling of The Taming of the Shrew.

    Your Name: Talynn Lynn
    -Title of your book TOUCH OF DESTINY
    -Genre YA
    -Word-count of your manuscript: 65,000
    -Your email: inkinthebok at gmail dot com

    -The pitch:

    Born into poverty, Shiloh Jamison lacks only in material possessions. Her beauty is exquisite and it doesn’t take much for Lane Cassidy, the most eligible bachelor in the city, to notice her charms. She isn’t aware of how much Lane wants to meet her because there’s a huge problem: she’s off limits. Social classes prevent them from even speaking to one another. Lane knows a way around the bureaucracy. He secretly pays for Shiloh to attend the elite Academy of the Arts. Attending such a prestigious school allows Lane and Shiloh to jump the barriers of social classes. And Shiloh instantly becomes a new person. Someone Lane has a part in making.

    The Academy is a scene like Shiloh has never in a million years experienced. Ball gowns, masquerades, and unlimited access to makeovers, hair salons, dance lessons and gorgeous clothes are things dreams are made of, right? It’s more like charm and beauty school than she expected. Her secret self takes her farther from the shy girl she is.

    Social standing within the Academy is based upon skill and beauty. Shiloh wins in every area. Her passion and talent for ballet make her the immediate source of envy. Enemies out number friends and when her real life social status is uncovered she is faced with a tough decision. She can suffer the humiliation of her true identity or she can run and hide, like she’s always done. That means losing Lane, too.

  12. Thanks for the contest!

    -Mandie Baxter
    -One More Summer
    -YA Contemporary
    -Seventeen-year-old Devyn Babb is shipped to Florida after her best friend was killed in a hit-and-run. It's the last place she wants to be, but Devyn saw what happened. And she went to the cops. Now all she wants is to keep her dark secret where it belongs. Even from the boy she might love.

    After three years away, she slips back into waitressing at the Chatterbox , thinking hiding out will be a breeze in the land of sunshine and old people. Other than shocking her nana’s senior friends with her purple hair and multiple piercings, it is. Until she runs into her childhood nemesis, Tyler Reed. But Tyler’s changed... in more ways than one. He’s still annoying, but there’s something beneath his gorgeous surface that Devyn wants to figure out. And that’s a major problem for Devyn, because the closer she gets to him, the more vulnerable her secret. And her heart.

    But the sudden appearance of a Chicago paper spins Devyn’s mind into chaos. The headline shows they’ve finally caught her best friend’s killer: Devyn’s ex-boyfriend. She fears he’ll know she turned him in. When he's released on a technicality, Devyn must make a decision: revisit her past to set the record straight, or betray the memory of her best friend.

  13. Larissa Hardesty
    YA Paranormal Romance
    50,000 Words
    lchardesty at yahoo dot com

    Fifteen-year-old Emmy Duivel believes in true love: heart flutters, first kisses, candlelight dinners, even the crazy idea that love lasts forever. Unfortunately, she's stuck in a world of non-believers--her mom and best friend’s philosophy is “men are for fun, not forever.” Invisible in their shadows and pinned under her mom’s one-night stand only rules, Emmy has kept her romance novel collection—and crush on hot classmate, Paul—hidden.

    But then the school's MVP, Jake Miller, asks her out. To her own surprise, she agrees, figuring her first date is bound to be a disaster. Her mom and her best friend tell her to take it slow and avoid kissing, and even Paul warns her to be careful on the date. However, Emmy gets carried away and kisses Jake--and he almost dies. Confused and scared she finds herself being consoled by the one person she didn’t expect--Paul.

    But even as things heat up between her and Paul, Emmy demands answers from her mother, who explains the devastating truth: she’s not human and there is a price to pay for it. One human life a month for the rest of her life. And to make matters worse, the one person she thought she could trust has secrets of his own that could destroy Emmy and everything she holds dear.

    Finding love is hard. Finding out you can never have it, because you're a monster? That succs.

  14. -Kelly Martin
    -Contemporary YA
    -kellymartin215 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    When she woke up from the coma, the first guy she saw was the first one she remembered, though she couldn't recall his name. Heck, she couldn't recall her name or where she lived or even why she was in the hospital.

    The guy, who didn't seem to want to be of help, said her name was Devin Miller; she was sixteen; and she'd been involved in an accident. What he didn't tell her was it was a DUI, and she'd been the driver.

    Unable to remember the details of the night of the crash, or any night for that matter, Devin has to figure out who to trust, whose lying, and who would have the motive to set her up-- because one thing Devin knows for certain: she doesn't drink.

  15. Thank you so much for this opportunity! :)

    Ghenet Myrthil
    YA Contemporary
    gmyrthilwrites @ gmail (dot) com

    Sixteen-year-old Kayla Price has just been given the chance of a lifetime. Her photojournalism teacher is taking the class to a photography workshop in—get this—Hawaii, complete with an amazing scholarship opportunity. This trip is meant for her, since she dreams of becoming a professional photographer one day. There's just one problem: Kayla has a debilitating fear of heights. She can't ride an elevator, much less a giant metal deathtrap flying thousands of feet above the ground.

    But Kayla has to go on this trip. If she wins the scholarship, she'll prove herself to her controlling parents once and for all. This trip means the difference between living her dream and her nightmare. Plus, she'll get to impress her crush, and finally see him in a bathing suit.

    Desperate to overcome her phobia in time for the flight, she faces her fear through exposures with two unlikely confidantes—a wannabe therapist in the senior class, and a hot basketball player/germaphobe. Kayla battles her biggest enemies—Anxiety and Panic—as she tackles the impossible: the top of the Empire State Building, a rock-climbing wall, and a massive cliff.

    As the trip looms with Kayla still terrified of airplanes, she must find a way to let go of her fears. Or else kiss her dreams goodbye.

  16. Name: RaeChell Garrett
    Title: 12 STEPS FORWARD
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 78,000
    Email: raechellgarrett(at)gmail(dot)com

    After years of giving haircuts and shaves in her father's barbershop, seventeen-year-old Aubrey is most comfortable hanging out with guys…until it comes to romance. After admitting to herself that three years is too long to crush on any one person without making a move, Aubrey confesses her feelings to Ben, the guy who makes political commentary sound sexy. When he turns her down, she challenges him to give her one good reason why. He gives her twelve.

    Aubrey has no intention of following a list that accuses her of being everything from insecure to vain and even judgmental, unless doing so involves explaining to Ben the difference between being constructive and being an ass. But as opportunities arise to check things off the list- like becoming a student assistant for the girl’s the basketball team- she won't miss out just because it might validate Ben's low opinion of her.

    As each check mark and its associated challenges reveal more to Aubrey about herself, she wonders what Ben is really trying to tell her with the list. And since suggestion number six pushes her in the direction of another guy, she needs to figure things out - like now.

    Thank you both for the opportunity.

  17. Name: Nazarea Andrews
    Title: One Night With the Monster
    Genre: YA Mythology retelling
    Word Count: 67,000
    Email: nazareanandrews (at) gmail (dot)com

    Andromeda thinks life will get back to normal when the war ends, as normal as it can be now that simple things like electricity and cars and music are luxuries. When Perseus comes home from the war, Andy assumes they’ll resume their affair and find a way around her arranged marriage.

    She doesn’t expect him to come back with the daughter of Poseidon, or to have her marriage blessed by the gods. When her mother inadvertently insults the sea god, he unleashes a monster to destroy the coastline of Andy’s kingdom. According to the Oracle of Delphi, the only way to appease the monster is to offer Andy to it.

    Torn between the man she loves and duty to her kingdom, Andy is running out of time. And when Perseus leaves to chase the prophecy of a Seer, she’s left to save herself.

  18. Regina Castillo
    YA Paranormal Romance
    98,000 words

    After Maria’s father is murdered in the little Texas town of Copperas Cove, she begins eleventh grade in the public high school. It’s already bad enough that she has no friends there—her father sheltered her from almost everything—but her sister won’t come home from college, and her mom is unable to cope with grief unless she’s clutching a wine bottle.

    Still, Maria has to find the strength and confidence to make the best of this awkward new life, which will soon become even more complex than she realizes, full of legends, folklore, and a secret family history. In school, two amazingly different boys zero in on her: Teo is the All-American jerk football player, but Joaquin De Luna is reserved, gorgeous, and strangely familiar. And when Teo’s reckless need to possess Maria unhinges him and Joaquin comes to her rescue, she gets a glimpse of something otherworldly—both boys are shapeshifters.

    As Maria’s mother sinks into an emotional black hole, Maria and her sister have to take over the household; and they also begin to uncover a family history that connects them to the town’s legends. All the folklore about Tonkawa shapeshifting creatures, warlike Apache werewolves, and grotesquely cursed wererats seem to be true. And as things heat up with Tonkawa-blooded Joaquin, Apache-blooded Teo becomes relentless in his quest to own Maria—and the Tonkawa genetic inheritance that would allow him to defeat the peace-loving Tonkawas for all time.

  19. Teresa Yea
    YA gothic horror

    Seventeen-year-old Ava Nolan grew up in the shadow of her father's obsession with macabre artifacts. An elixir brewed from witches’ blood. A cabinet of mummified cats. And Arabella's Curse, the missing prize in his collection: a ruby with the power to resurrect the dead. With a father who resents her existence, a dead-end job, and her expulsion from school to live down, Ava sets out to recover the ruby and reclaim her self-respect. Lucky for Ava, local legend says the ruby is buried in a crumbling mansion by the sea, not far from her new home.

    But life as an amateur relic hunter is not without its share of emergency room visits. Or cutthroat competitors. And nearly plummeting to her death doesn’t terrify Ava half as much as her uncle, a gentleman graverobber with a vendetta against her father and sinister plans for the ruby.

    Entangled in a web of family treachery, Ava finds solace with a lonely boy who fills her nights with stolen kisses and her head with ruby lore. But there's something strange about Ben Wolcott. He's a bit too cunning, a bit too preoccupied with keeping Ava out of his basement, and much too interested in Arabella's Curse.

  20. Melissa H.
    YA romance
    76,000 words

    The movie Ghost meets a contemporary retelling of Snow White.

    After causing the car accident that led to the death of her boyfriend, Brendan, seventeen-year-old Noelle is left grief-stricken and must deal with the fallout. Blacklisted at school and unable to confide in her mother who ships her to shrinks, Noelle sees one way out⎯pills and vodka. Cameron Kennedy, a boy she barely knows, intervenes before she can go through with it. Their easy friendship starts with an anti-suicide pact, but slowly develops into something more. Noelle begins to believe in second chances.

    Falling for Cameron should be enough to bring about theme songs and happily-ever-afters; instead, Noelle hears Brendan’s voice, and apples⎯a symbol of their most private romantic moment—start appearing everywhere. As she and Cameron grow closer, the hauntings become more intense. Not sure if she’s going crazy with guilt or if it really is Brendan’s jealous ghost seeking revenge from the afterlife, Noelle is determined to make amends. When she contacts Brendan’s ghost, he uses her guilt and their history as weapons to lure her to the afterlife with him and to make her forget Cameron. Noelle refuses to give in to Brendan, but one mistake−−a bite from an apple−−could cost her not only Cameron, but also her life. And this time, it will take more than a kiss to survive.

  21. Lyudmyla Mayorska
    YA Fantasy rooted in Slavic folklore
    65,000 words
    LAM_15 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    A princess and a baker venture on a quest to retrieve a magical bird that escaped from the royal menagerie. He's hoping the Tzar will give him the hand of the oldest Tsarevna as a prize at the end of this ordeal, as promised. She's not at all interested in being a trophy. She just wants the darn thing back in the cage.

  22. Rebecca Paulin
    Here Comes the Sun
    YA Contemporary
    65,000 words

    Natalie Webber's senior class trip to England begins with a bang when she pees on the plane in front of her entire class. The very class that has ignored her since sophomore year when she fainted during a biology dissection gone wrong. Sound stupid? Yea. But when the Queen Bee of Bitches catches you fainting, she's not going to let you or anyone else forget about it.

    Armed with a plan to show her class she's not quite the loser she's been made out to be, Natalie fails before landing on British soil. With high school seemingly being transported to England, Natalie clings to her best friend, Krista, for support. But when Krista is lured to the dark side by a hard muscled football stud, Natalie all but packs up her bags to leave.

    Enter Brant, a kaleidoscope-eyed Beatles fanatic who has far too much charm and even more demons in his own closet. And even though he’s 100% unavailable, he's possibly the one person who will take the high school politics out of her life, and give her the confidence to stand up against the people who shriveled her into a wallflower.

  23. Nicole Zoltack
    YA Paranormal

    Learning she's magic incarnate makes fifteen-year-old Crystal question her previously unwavering faith. When a witch hunter kidnaps her boyfriend and shamans captures her aunt in order to lure her out and siphon her magic, Crystal tries to use her powers to save them, but her magic is an uncontrollable time bomb. If she can't figure out what she's capable of, she won't merely fail to save those she loves--she just might start the apocalypse.

  24. Tee Tyson & Missy Fleming
    The Withering Of Amblethorn
    Urban Sci-Fi For Awesome Girls (YA, of course)

    School outcast Vera and social butterfly Peyton must team up to discover who – or what – is taking their classmates and returning them withered beyond recognition.

    Space nerd Vera Coalburn and popular southern belle Peyton Dunning have absolutely nothing in common, until they stumble upon something seriously creepy in the woods surrounding their school — human-sized cocoons and they’re moving. Everyone thinks it’s a prank, except them, so they begrudgingly team up to find answers.

    Armed with a butter knife and broom, they enter the woods of Heaven’s Hollow and make a gruesome discovery. Their missing classmates have been trapped inside the cocoons and, get this, they’re aged beyond recognition. They look more like great-grandmothers than high school girls. It’s totally gross.

    Those who assumed it was a practical joke begin to suspect Vera and Peyton are somehow responsible — probably because they keep dragging bodies out of the forest. To prove their innocence, the girls must solve the mystery of their withered peers and confront the nightmare in the Hollow. Except what’s lurking in the trees is beyond anything they ever imagined. In fact, it’s out of this world.

  25. Georgeann Swiger
    YA Paranormal

    With Earth’s population at seven billion and growing, the world’s running out of guardian angels. When seventeen-year-old Anya finds out she’s an angel secretly being trained to protect humanity, she discovers that becoming an angel has nothing to do with wings and haloes. For Anya, becoming an angel has to do with death—her death.

    Micah, the angelic soldier ordered to protect Anya until she transitions from human to angel, promises her death will be a glorious experience as long as she follows his rules. But getting Anya through this life and to the next isn’t as simple as Micah expects. His job becomes even more difficult after he unwittingly performs a miracle that exposes Anya’s hidden angelic light. With her secret out, evil from hell begins targeting her. But hell’s minions are the least of Micah’s worries. He’s more troubled by a teenage boy who shows increasing interest in the new improved Anya. Even more troubling is that Anya begins falling for her protector, a love that Micah is forbidden from returning.

    It’s a love triangle where eternal consequences will have to be paid.

  26. Carissa Taylor
    YA Futuristic Fantasy
    89,000 words

    Sixteen year-old amateur photographer Minna Gray always dreamed of life in the SilCorp's Emerald District. But now that she’s made it none of the artist galas, or flashy podcars, or lace dresses mean anything anymore.

    Things start to go downhill when she’s stood-up at the art opening by her supposed quasi-boyfriend. Stumbling across a firey inferno that threatens to burn down the gallery, she rushes to the rescue - dousing the school beauty queen in the process. A perfect save ... too bad the flames are only in her imagination.

    But her own problems as a newly branded social outcast, and probable nutcase are soon forgotten. When a night of babysitting ends in two boys being kidnapped, Minna is horrified. Guilt turns to panic when she discovers no one is looking for the boys. No one else remembers them.

    It’s as if they’ve been erased.

    Minna finds an ally in Corrin – a boy who knows about the disappearances. He says Minna has a magical ancestry, and that her visions will reveal how to prevent the kidnappings. She says that makes him the crazy one.

    Together they must race to discover the truth hidden in her visions before anyone else they love is taken.

  27. The contest is now closed. Thanks for participating!! =)