Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Writer's Voice NEWS!! We're opening another slot!!

Due to an issue while setting up the widget for the evening submission time, we've decided to open the widget up to accept 25 more entries into the contest.  When running such a large scale contest, something can go wrong. And it did.

We apologize for the roller coaster of emotions this type of an event can cause, but happy that we can try and make it up to you.

A thing about contests, they're a great way to get to know your fellow writers, get critiques, break out of an agent's slush pile, and develop a tough skin for the rocky road of publishing ahead of you.  It's how many of the coaches for The Writer's Voice developed their skills. And all of us are now agented. We do this, because we love this community, and we want all of you to succeed at your writing goals.

With that said, at 12PM EDT (noon) on May 4, 2012 we will reopen the widget and accept 25 more entries into the contest.  Please come back tomorrow and sign up on the widget in the submission post.
Good luck everyone!



  1. Thank you for helping to organize and host this amazing contest!

  2. Thanks so much. It's so great of you guys to do this ;o)

  3. YW!
    Good luck, you guys!!

  4. You guys rock! Now, I can go to sleep with a smile & stop feeling guilty for getting a slot when others couldn't even get the linky to work. :)

  5. Just want to say I think you're great for hosting this fantastic contest. You give so much back to the writing community. :)

  6. It took me about 2.5 minutes to get the link to work last night. I even changed from Krista's blog to Cupid's because I thought it might work was really nerve-wracking!
    But I did make it in, at #147 (at first it said 148 and then I actually went down, which was strange).
    Anyway, it is really great of you to do it at all, and then to open it once again for the people who couldn't get it to work. I hope they all get in this time.
    And my name doesn't actually start with http// but I'm sure everyone realized how that happened ;).
    Thank you!

    1. Woot! I'm glad you got in!
      And I think the numbers went down because someone entered twice, and then the entry was deleted. ;)

  7. Just wanted to let you all know how much you're appreciated! Thanks to you, Brenda, Cupid, and Krista for putting in all the hard work. xx

  8. I sincerely hope that everyone knows what you all are doing is out of the kindness of your hearts, because you care about good writing and great books. Having been a co-host of the A to Z blogfest (a linky list with 2000 entrants, before we removed spam) I know how difficult this can be. So I just wanted to say: THANK YOU!