Friday, May 11, 2012

The Writer’s Voice TEAM MONICA FTW!

I’m thrilled to introduce you guys to *my* The Writer’s Voice team! They are amazing writers and their entries stood out in one way or another from all the 200 entries I read.
Meet my team, and learn why I picked them!

PS: if you’re a lurking agent and are wondering why I didn’t post the entry numbers or links here… keep wondering!! And come back next week, when the entries are ready to be posted! =)

1) R.C Lewis with her YA Sci-Fi, STITCHING SNOW.
She had a super hooking query, with life or death stakes, and in just 250 words, I got a great sense of who her character was! This one WOWs!

2) Sarah Ahiers with her YA Fantasy, BREAK FREE.
Because the poor MC lost a package and I could relate--I’m always losing things! Kidding. 
But seriously, this one hooked me right from the very first line, and I *just* read her synopsis and was blown away! Couldn't stop reading!

3) April Wall with her MG, THE FAMILY VYGIL.
Because I could totally picture my ten-year-old devouring this. I mean, how cool is that a boy has to protect monsterdom and train with a real monster? And I don’t usually read MG, but this one? =Awesome!

4) Heather Clark with her YA contemporary, JUST THIS ONCE.
I loved this one because the main character has to really make sacrifices to be able to go to college. And what can I say, I love a MC with character. And I love contemporary YA!

5) Allie Schellong with her YA Urban fantasy, TELL ME THIS.
Because the writing blew my socks off!! And I just read a few more pages and I really wished I would have asked for the whole MS instead of the first 3 pages! *head desk*

6) Chris Smith with his YA Magical Realism, JUMPING OFF BRIDGES.
Because omg, a voice of moss and stones beckoning kids to come, follow and disappear? I thought the premise was really original and the writing was awesome too!! (And it’s funny, since my hubby’s name is Christian Schmidt! Yeah, I’m kinda giggling now.)

7) Kimberly Loth with her YA Speculative Fiction, KISSED.
Because, again, the writing blew me away, and the concept was original and—the boy bringing the MC flowers and stolen midnight kisses? *swoon*

8) Valerie Cole with her YA contemporary, THUMP.
Because her story made my heart thump! And really, it was a bittersweet story with life or death stakes—while being a contemporary. I really loved this one.

9) T.L. Bodine with her Adult Fantasy, TAGESTRAUM.
Because when I read all the adult entries, this one kind of replayed in my mind and I couldn’t forget it. It really stood out! I mean, a missing boy? A guy with a hero complex? Memories that aren’t happy about being forgotten? Wow!

10) Erica Chapman with her YA futuristic thriller, ANOMALY.
You guys! I almost lost this entry to another coach, and Erica had me biting my nails. I picked her entry because her concept was Ah-mazing!! A government that scans teens to mark them as future killers? And a MC who is sure isn’t a killer but anyway ends up marked? Told ya, AMAZING!

And my alternate:
11) Rena Ford with her YA UF, LEGACY.
A teen accidentally spitting fire to her attackers and realizing she’s half dragon= FUN!!

And finally, I picked all of them because I truly believe that they are soon going to be published! All of them. Seriously, guys, my team ROCKS! And I feel honored to be working with a group of such talented authors!

One more thing, #TheWritersVoice guys, stay tuned because we have amazing news coming soon—and it involves twitter and a pitch and agents!! WOOT


  1. Your team looks really great. I'm excited for all of them!

    And the Twitter pitch is cool.

  2. I don't know if I've said it enough, but I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of this. Team Monica FTW.

  3. Oh, Monica! That was such a great post!! Thank you for the kind words ;o) I'm SO proud to be on your team. I adore my teammates and we're going to live up to our name. #TeamMonicaFTW

  4. OMG - I want to put all these on my TBR list just from your blurbs. Go Team Monica.

  5. Thanks so much Monica! I love being on this team!

  6. Monica, thank you so much for choosing me to be on this great team! You picked such a great mix of genres, we are going for the win next week! :)

  7. Good luck to all of you, and I am tuning in for great things! Congrats!

  8. Thank, you guys, for stopping by and letting me know what you think!! I'm really happy about my team! :D

  9. Congrats to you and your team. These are all so aweseome! I'm so excited for everyone.

  10. I recognise a couple of these from the competition I had last month! Monica has the best taste ;D

    Good luck to all of you!

  11. This is such a cool contest. I love seeing what other people are writing.

  12. I love seeing the reason why you picked your stories-that's nice to know. Thank you.

    Go Team Cupid! :)

  13. Thank you guys! I'm really excited with my team!! <3 Can't wait for y'all to read the revised entries! :D

  14. Waited a little too long to say this but I'm shouting it from the rooftop that I'm so happy to be a part of this wondermous, spectalustatic team! #TeamMonicaFTW