Thursday, May 3, 2012


Please note that WE’RE ONLY ACCEPTING 75 100 MORE ENTRIES (STOPPING AT ENTRY #150 #175!!) IN THE SECOND SUBMISSION WINDOW. We're closing the widget at 175 entries, so if it goes over 175, WE WILL DELETE THE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES and notify those people that they did not make it into the contest.After signing up on the widget below, go to the previous post, dated May 2, 2012, for the official contest information on how to send your submission.

WARNING: You must enter your URL (blog address) correctly or the widget will DISQUALIFY you.

To enter the contest, sign up on the linky below now!

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  1. I tried all four blogs. This was the only one that had the widget open. I don't know if it was my computer or what. It took me two minutes to finally get it up and looks like that was too late. Put be at 130 at first then said 162 =(

    Oh well. Guess I'll just watch and see what happens.

  2. Stacey, I STILL can't get the widget to show up on any blog, including this one. The technology Gods are hating on me...

  3. Yeah. I had problems too. I registered and it showed I was #167 for about 5 seconds and now my name is gone. This contest is too popular;)

  4. Oh, goodness. I was having the same problem, and figured I just wasn't going to be able to enter. And so I moped around for a moment, then saw something that wasn't there before and hurried to enter my name. Then it said I was #175! (I seem to have moved up a little since then, so maybe someone entered twice and the duplicate got removed? Who knows.)

  5. Wow, this was nervewracking and exciting!! So glad to have made it in. Can't wait to read all of the other entries :-)

  6. Stacey and Artemis- the link box didn't show in the box at the top- it appeared for me at the bottom of the entry list. It might have been there, just not where you were looking.

    1. Trust me I was all over every page in multiple window on all the blogs, and there was nothing, For me, anyway. Obviously it showed up for most everyone else. I suppose it just wasn't meant to be.

  7. I think it may have been my computer, since it kept saying "internet explorer made changes to this site blah blah blah" but didn't give me options to undo their changes.

    Guess I wasn't mean for this competition. (My novel is about Fate. Might as well go with it)but it will still be fun to see who they pick, the changes they make (if any) and how the agents respond. I've seen a few really good submissions in the first round.

    Good luck to everyone who got in!

  8. Well, I'm super happy for those that got in :)

    I wouldn't be bothered at all if I got beat out fairly. Feel slightly cheated by the powers that be for not even giving me the chance to get in though. I still can't see any widget, nor can I see those who got in. The listing stays the same. I've even shut down Safari and restarted it. Stupid alternate computer dimension.

  9. (((hugs))) for everyone who didn't make it! I hope there will be a next time!!

    Sometimes technology sucks...I can say that because my internet is always behaving like a toddler!

    And congrats to everyone who made it! I can't wait to read all the entries!! <333

    Thank y'all for coming today!

  10. Thanks for the hug but looks like I don't need it (well, I mean, I might. If it brings good luck). I thought the cut off was 150, I was at 161 and thought that meant I didn't make it... Then I read a little closer and realise the second round was extended to 100 so I MADE IT! YAY. Fate was for me afterall. =)

  11. I was just like the rest of you. Refreshing every ten seconds. I even had all four blogs in separate tabs. I was counting down and then about died when the widget wasn't showing. I was over here cursing & throwing objects at the walls as the seconds slipped by me. Then, out of no where, I clicked the comments to see if other people were having the same trouble and the widget magically showed up. At that point I frantically typed my info in, laughing to myself and somehow I secured the #165 entry. After reading the morning contestants comments, I for sure thought there was a thirty second window before the entries booked up. I can't believe I made it in. Add me people. Let's network. Good luck to all!

  12. Dear Monica,
    You gotta love these technical marvels - well somebody does. Having given me the biggest adrenaline rush in about a decade (my dicky ticker nevair 'ad to work so 'ard) - I would just like to say thank you so much for all your efforts, they are so-oo appreciated.
    I just wonder how come your widget decided not to play today - at 10:08pm it's showing 198 names - the others only get 175. I figure it's because you're special.

  13. Dang, I missed it again! Looks like an awesome contest. I wish everyone the best of luck!

  14. If you didn't get in, there will be another opportunity tomorrow. Here's what Brenda said on Twitter: "The new submission time is 12PM EDT tomorrow. I will post deets on my blog soon. #TheWritersVoice Please RT! We're taking 25 more entries!"

    Spread the word! :)

  15. YES!! We're opening 25 more spots tomorrow at noon EDT!!
    I'll post about it soon!!